OMG! Mommy is Dating

Dating a single mother doesn’t mean you’ll be playing daddy… It just means you will be becoming part of a family and a role model to a child/children. If you aren’t ready to step up, then don’t step to her- The Gentlemen’s club

I am not going to lie, dating as a mother was the most difficult things I ever did in my life. I thought after I have my daughter, getting back into the dating scene will be easy and any man will see that I am a real woman. Oh boy was I wrong! I found myself giving up on the idea of love altogether, because somehow having a child has “degraded” your value as a woman worthy of love.

Until one day a friend of mine introduced me to her cousin and my world changed forever. He didn’t try wine or dine me to try win my heart, he was straight forward with me. I found a man who chose to be with me because he loved me, not because I bore him a baby. In his upfront approach to ask me to be his woman, he made a conscious decision to love me. I know that because I see his actions towards me. His random kisses, his care, the chivalrous actions towards me.

Like Ella Mai puts I needed somebody who would love me naked, someone whom I’d never ask to love me and someone who’d never ask for love too. Someone who’d will stick around after I have undressed, shown my flaws and seemed impossible to love because society said so. I found that man! If I had to go back and choose again, I would choose him over and over again because he opened up his heart to love me.

He is an introvert, I am an extrovert, I cannot begin to imagine how my life would be had he been as out going as I am. I feel like he brings to me a sense of balance, calmness and relaxation after I am done being mommy for the day. Sure, we have had our ups and downs, we have had our high highs and our low lows. I remember one time my daughter was hysterical and throwing tantrums when she was 3 years, I found myself asking him if he is ready for all that drama, because that’s what dating a mother means.

He played it so well, and in a calm voice he said that he is ready, because that’s what being a dad means too. He is also very understanding. For a mother, dating means that I won’t have time to be going out to every date or club, I will be tired to give him the attention because children are demanding. Somehow, He is very accepting of that fact. He even chooses PG dates that will accommodate the kids, while we also spend time together ❤

I urge all single mothers out there not to give up hope. Love will find you, in fact love finds you at the time that you least expect it. You will find the man that you have been praying for, word by word. A man who, regardless of y’all having a baby together, will treat the kids equally as his own. A man who will love you flaws and all. Love is a beautiful thing.

I know what I am talking about. I am the living testimony. I didn’t fall crazy in love and blindly in love, I had to be sane and open my eyes to see what I was getting myself into.

I’d choose you over and over again